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Liverpool Biennial 2010 - 6th International Festival of Contemporary Art

Statement on ORB

The Egg-Series had started from a desire to provide relief to homeless sectors in Vancouver through creative practice. I began bringing eggs to various soup kitchens and collected the material for making sculpture. This site-specific installation was made inside an abandoned house in Liverpool, as part of the biennial program. The exhibition was organized by S.Q.U.A.T., a non-for-profit organization which examines the issues of regeneration in abandoned premises in city centers through creativity. As part of the exhibition program, under the theme “With These Walls We Are Shaped” I was asked by the curators to create work in reaction to the crumbling walls of this abandoned house of Liverpool's first mayor. My reaction to the space was a visceral feeling that something was about to be born from the crumbling walls.

SQUAT (Social Questioning Using Art Today) Liverpool is the umbrella title for the collaborative project between the New York-based group No Longer Empty (NLE), and the UK-based group The Art Organization (TAO).  SQUAT examines the issues of regeneration of empty commercial spaces by artistic communities.  In Liverpool SQUAT will zoom in on the Ropewalk and l1 area of Liverpool city centre.  Both NLE and TAO share an interest in the creative uses of empty spaces.

As economic certainties crumble around us, and the spaces we previously inhabited come into focus as the monument to or ruins of ‘better times’, how communities re-infiltrate or experiment with the spaces left following the commercial exodus could be the key to how we move forward. Through various exhibitions, events, performances and interventions taking place at spaces generously donated by local landlords, SQUAT will breathe new life into forgotten buildings as residual and collective memory, new artistic experimentation and urban exploration and discovery collide.


With These Walls We Are Shaped - Curated by Priya Sharma and Caroline Smith

The gallery's second installment for the Biennial Programme invites a host of established national and international artists to create site-specific work within the gallery's crumbling Edwardian walls. The exhibition will showcase their varying concepts and reactions to such a unique environment, that encompass being touched by both the walls of the places and environments we inhabit, as well as the walls and structures we create within our awareness in relation to others, feelings and communication. 


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