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Oregon State Hospital - Renovation Project, unrealized

This proposed sketch was made for The Oregon State Mental Health Renovation Project. The aim of this project was to pay respect to the patients who past away inside the facility. Most of the patients from this building had their ashes stored and labelled in copper canisters which were largely neglected until they were re-discovered, only to be eroded beyond repair. This proposed sketch of a large stainless-steel relief with an opening in the center hoped to pay tribute to them in an expression of freedom and remembrance.


Canadian Navy Monument, unrealized
Proposal for The National Capital Commission, Ottawa ON.

As part of the Centennial honouring The Canadian Navy, the proposed sketch was submitted as an open-call submission for the creation of a monument to the brave men and women who serve our country. My intention for the plaque was to express our country as a peace-keeping nation. The stain-less steel plaque was intended to be mounted to a wall entitled "Sea of Names" as one component to the project. The overall theme of the proposal revolved around ‘stairway’ as the main motif. The concrete wall and staircase structure were to be the main components to the proposal. The theme ‘Stairway’, represents a place where our brave men and women ascend for duty and descend in hopes of a safe return.


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